As your life changes and evolves over time, the way you manage your real estate and mortgage should change and evolve with it.

The average homeowner has the following questions, multiple times per year. The only question is, “Who is answering these questions?” You have your own career and your own life to live and you shouldn’t have to manage all of these questions below on your own.

  • Should I refinance my mortgage to lower my payment?
  • Should I pay down my mortgage faster or shorten my term?
  • Should I convert an Adjustable to Fixed, or Fixed to Adjustable?
  • Should I use some of the equity and take cash out of the home for any reason and what is the best way to do that?
  • Should I move up to a larger home?
  • Should I move down to a smaller home?
  • Should I, or can I stay in my home, or should I move out of the area?
  • If I move, should I sell or rent out my current home?
  • Should I buy a second home or vacation home for my family and as a vacation rental?
  • Should I buy an investment property and how will that help me short and long term?
  • Do I have too much of money invested in real estate or not enough money in real estate?
  • Should I or can I do a reverse mortgage? Should my parents have a reverse mortgage?
  • What should we do in the event of a divorce or separation?
  • What should we do with an inheritance of money or real estate?

As you can see, the list of questions is extensive and can be exhausting to think about. So who does the average homeowner call to get these questions answered? Unfortunately, the answer is no one, because most people they would call are sales people. This is where our team is unique. Our team is unique because we have pledged to give completely unbiased and fair advice, regardless of the outcome. This is why our clients love working with us, because they come to us with all of these questions, knowing that the answers they get are going to be in THEIR best interest, NOT OURS.

We combine our knowledge of the current housing market, interest rates, and your financial status to make sure you always have a loan that makes the most sense for your family. We will proactively reach out to you to make money-saving recommendations as soon as opportunities become available.

Our commitment to you is to help you Master the Art of Homeownership and ensuring that you are always in the perfect mortgage, with the perfect mortgage plan, is a major part of this. We’re excited to take all of this off of your plate!