As an employer, it’s important that you know that The Art of Homeownership is more than just another employee perk, it’s a plan for the future of all of your employees!  As it currently stands, how are you showing your employees that your company values them and the work that they do? How do you ensure that your employees are loyal and dedicated to your business?  Outside of the normal employee benefits package, are you helping your employees with their goals in real estate and finance?  These are the questions that we have answers to and the best part is, this is completely free to you as an employer and there is no cost for any of your employees!

As a company, you thrive best when your employees are happy, feeling appreciated, and perhaps most importantly, focused. What causes individuals to lose focus? Stress! This stress can be related to a variation of external sources, but more often than not, we’ve found that it has to do with money. People worry about their money, how they’ll manage their larger expenses, like their real estate and mortgage, and how their money can best be used to prepare them for a successful future. Allow us to help keep your employee’s minds at ease. With free access to The Art of Homeownership, your employees will be able to learn about and understand their real estate and financial wealth like never before.

There are a few key areas that we help you focus on:

First is that we know that Happy Employees are 12% more productive
Studies show that employee happiness led to a 12% spike in productivity, while unhappy workers proved 10% less productive.  We know that when people have a strong grasp on their real estate and financial goals, they are significantly happier and more productive.

Two is that when your employees own homes near their place of work, employee retention goes up and turnover goes down.
Being there for employees to support them in the largest financial decision of their lives is rewarding and helps you build a reputation in the community that demonstrates how much you care about your employees in and out of the workplace.

A third is that by offering your employees the Art of Homeownership Platform, you can attract better talent and recruit a higher caliber employee.
66 percent of millennials report that they would take a new job with a company that provided better perks. In fact, many young workers do want to own homes, they just can’t afford it. This creates an opportunity for employers to support that effort.

Lastly is Improved Profitability
When you consider that “a 5% improvement in retention is equivalent to a 95% improvement in profit for most companies”, it’s hard to pass up an opportunity to offer your employees a workplace benefit that will help them not only prepare for, but manage their real estate and financial future.

Allow your company’s employees to take advantage of their potential to become successful in every aspect of real estate and finance. By connecting your employees with Art of Homeownership™, at ZERO cost to you and to them, they’ll have access to top quality resources designed to help them maximize their opportunities and make confident financial decisions regarding their current and future plans.

Having knowledge grants us the power to make smarter and more confident decisions. Connect with us today to find out how YOU can offer this level of knowledge to your employees and help them in every possible way.